old jsa lessons
learn japanese series
tofugu | wanikani
ojad (pitch accent)
use lingodeer not duolingo, all my homies hate duolingo
forvo (pronounciation dictionary - not just for japanese)
there was this really good website for japanese lessons with was called like ninas japanese lessons or something beginning with an r or something? i'll find it at some point and when i do i'll put it here
edexcel japanese vocabulary sheet
basically this entire section is great
yuta has a japanese series and has videos talking to people so exposure
pdr's just a japanese channel, but exposure
rambalac - he films himself walking around japan it's neat so
imiwa is a very good japanese dictionary app but it's ios only
nomitalk - good listening and convo practice
learn hiragana, katakana, and correct pronounciation and pitch accent first, then grammar, then vocab and kanji. no clue if that's actually backed up by anyone who knows what they're doing, but it sure as fuck worked for me, you get to a point where you realise that you actually know Quite A Lot and that you basically just need to fill in the vocab gaps and you can understand everything else, and you'll pick up on listening and context as you go
は vs が (have fun with that)
reading articles on nhk is a good way to practice reading, and if it still exists, there's one specifically for kids with furigana which is useful

bruh lol