/give footyfanatic99 stick{Enchantments:[{id:"minecraft:knockback",lvl:100000}]} 1

/replaceitem entity @a armor.head minecraft:end_rod 1

!! ignore that, as of the new update, they've changed the command, it is now /item replace entity [name] armor.head with [item] !!

/title @a title {"text":"fuck", "bold":true, "italic":true, "color":"dark_purple"}

/tellraw @a {"text":"My arse joined the game","color":"yellow"}

/give charliterri minecraft:pig_spawn_egg{EntityTag:{id:"minecraft:lightning_bolt"}}

/fill [x] [y] [z] [x] [y] [z] [block] destroy/hollow/whatever else

/give @p minecraft:player_head{SkullOwner:charliterri}

essentials changes this one, it's /skull charliterri

/bossbar add [id] {"text":"[Name]","color":"[Colour]"}, with id being whatever, it's for editing it

/bossbar set [id] visible true/false, it's invisible by default. do /bossbar set [id] players @a so everyone can see it, can also set specific players

/bossbar set [id] max [#] changes max hp, value changes current hp, style changes how many notches there are if any, and color changes the colour of it

plugins have fucked some of the /give commands up, i'll fix it when i can be bothered, but if they don't work then that's why, the command syntax itself is fine

alright his is how you give yourself a rank

/team add RankName

(replace RankName in all examples with what you want your rank name to be

/team modify RankName prefix {"text":"RankName","color":"dark_purple"}

(change dark_purple to whatever colour you want it to be, it can be any of the 16 minecraft default colours or a hex code)

/team join RankName

or, /team join RankName charliterri

replace charliterri with the person you want to give a rank to

fairly certain you can only name a rank a single word (no spaces), but in the {"text":"RankName"} bit you can use spaces, and that's what'll display, just remember to use the nospace version with the add/modify/join commands

i'm sure that you can all find out what they do :)

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