how to make it work

project link

put your images that you want to make maps out of in the image maps chat for now, i'll dump them onto that webpage whenever i see it and have computer access. go to that page, right click the image and select "view image info". go to the media tab, and copy the link that says "Location: " next to it.

ignore that, it works with just copying the image address (not the image itself) now, if you want to use an image on your pc that you can't just copy a https link for, then post it on discord and copy the link from there, then you've got a permanent link for it without having to use flickr or anything

type /tomap [link], with [link] replaced with that url that you just copied

write resize after the link to shove it all in one map

after resize add the width then the height (in format /tomap [url] resize [width] [height]) to customise the size of the map

make sure to click the bottom left item frame for it to work

if you go to /maps and right click on the map you can delete/rename/get a specific panel of it too

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